Hotel Press Release: Tips to Write a Successful News Release

It is crucial that you do not mislead people with your title, so focus on concisely summing up the contents of the hotel press release. You should also make sure that the title is kept short, as journalists may be put off by a longer title, or it may not fit into the email subject field, causing them to skip past it entirely.

2. Make the Topic Accessible

Journalist and media companies deal with press releases all the time and you want your press release to be as accessible as possible, so they pick it up and run with it over an alternative option. To do this, you should make sure the start of the hotel press release grabs attention and neatly summarises the main details of the story.

If you are including statistics, it may be sensible to use bullet points to help them stand out. Furthermore, you should include a company boilerplate at the end of the press release, so that journalists can contextualise the information and understand what your business actually is, what it does, and what the most relevant facts about it are.

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