Hotel Press Release: Tips to Write a Successful News Release

  • Positive Attention: Whether you are launching a new service or have new offers, or looking to promote your hotel more generally, a press release can offer a simple way to generate positive attention in the media.
  • Marketing: Hotel press releases can help to build brand awareness, promote products, and get your name out there.
  • Reputation Management: Whether you are dealing with a crisis, or attempting to establish credibility or expertise, press releases can do wonders for your overall reputation.
  • More Traffic: Often, journalists will include backlinks to your website or content, increasing the amount of traffic you generate and potentially even improving your hotel’s search engine optimisation results.

Tips to Write a Successful Hotel Press Release

The following five tips can help you to write a successful hotel press release:

1. Create a Compelling Title

The first step you must take to write a successful hotel press release is to create a compelling title, which will help your press release to stand out from other press releases. A good title should grab attention, clearly explain what the reader can expect from the press release, and actually make the reader want to find out more.

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