A Guide to Writing an Effective Press Release for Your Hotel or Lodge

A press release is an excellent way to turn seemingly mundane subjects into news that could reach your clients, partners and distribution channels.*

Before sharing some pointers on how to write one for your business, let’s look at the purpose of a press release. A press release is a piece of communication prepared by a company’s internal marketing department or external marketing agency, and then sent out to media organisations.

Popular topics for tourism and travel-related press releases include events, new amenities or tourism product expansions, managerial changes at hotels and lodges, industry statistics and annual reports.

The goal of preparing and sending out a press release is to attract attention to your tourism business via professional media. It’s the art of turning a simple development like complimentary Wifi at your establishment into the subject on everyone’s lips. Let’s look at how you could piece together a great press release for your business.

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