A Guide to Writing an Effective Press Release for Your Hotel or Lodge

A press release is an excellent way to turn seemingly mundane subjects into news that could reach your clients, partners and distribution channels.*

Before sharing some pointers on how to write one for your business, let’s look at the purpose of a press release. A press release is a piece of communication prepared by a company’s internal marketing department or external marketing agency, and then sent out to media organisations.

Popular topics for tourism and travel-related press releases include events, new amenities or tourism product expansions, managerial changes at hotels and lodges, industry statistics and annual reports.

The goal of preparing and sending out a press release is to attract attention to your tourism business via professional media. It’s the art of turning a simple development like complimentary Wifi at your establishment into the subject on everyone’s lips. Let’s look at how you could piece together a great press release for your business.

The best place to send a press release for a tourism business is to travel, tourism or tourism industry publication. Selecting the most relevant publication or media channels, however, is crucial. While searching for the right publication, you needs ask yourself a few questions. Are these publication using content related to my market? Who are their readers? Once you have identified targeted publications or media channels, see what their requirements are for submitting a press release.

Craft a short, simple and catchy headline. Avoid using big words and ambiguity. Steer away from encrypted headlines. It’s all about being straight to the point and specific. This is the first part of the release that the readers will see. You wouldn’t want them to miss it.

This is the most important part of putting together a press release. Editors are constantly looking for content to drive up their ratings – get as many readers as possible. Here’s a checklist to see if your press release is newsworthy.

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